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Northwest Vision Care offers a wide range of optometry services for Spencer, Iowa and the surrounding area.

Northwest Vision Care believes it is important to have annual comprehensive eye exams to best monitor the health and wellness of your vision.  We provide comprehensive exams that allow us to accurately prescribe glasses and contacts to help you see your best.  We also closely monitor your ocular health to ensure your future vision. 

We are able to manage chronic ocular diseases, such as glaucoma, and provide emergency red eye treatment.  We also co-manage cataract and LASIK surgery.  We are providers of the InfantSEE Exams.  We provide state-required Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Vision Screenings.  We are able to access binocular vision, depth perception and color vision.  


We have the latest technology on-site including: Retinal Photography, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT),  Visual Field Analysis, Pachymetry, iCare and Goldmann Tonometry, and autorefraction and keratometry.  

Our American Board of Opticians trained staff have close to 40 years of combined optical experience.  They are here to answer all of your questions and fit you with the most appropriate eyewear to match your visual needs.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

  • Contact Lens Fittings and Exams​

  • Children's Eye Exams​

  • Cataract Co-Management​

  • LASIK Co-Management​

  • Emergency Red Eye Services​

  • OCT and Visual Field Analysis on site

  • Optical Services​​

  • Visual Field Testing

  • State required kindergarten vision screenings

  • Binocular vision skills assessments

  • And more!

It's Time To Achieve

Your Perfect Vision

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